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Wet grass

When it comes to outdoor power equipment, we are proud to offer brands that are at the top of their field in quality, performance and innovation.

Ferris zero-turn mowers, with their patented suspension, ensures a smooth ride and even mow.  It's a favorite among professionals and homeowners. 

Founded in 1922, Simplicity has a long history building premium lawn and garden tractors and customer loyalty. 

Wright stand on mowers are built for professionals who understand productivity and profitability.  They invented the stand on mower and Wright owners say they are less fatigued and making more money at the end of the day.

Honda is a name that is synonymous with quality.  They are our best selling walk behind mower and certain models offer features like twin blades for more efficient mulching and a NeXite deck, a rust-proof, dent-proof material with a lifetime warranty.

We are very proud to a retailer of the Stihl product line.  As an independent Stihl Dealer, we can provide services that the big box stores just can't match.  Stihl's product line is evergrowing and is at the forefront of design and innovation with their 4 mix engines, M-tronic engine management system and battery powered products to name a few.  As a STIHL ELITE DEALERSHIP, we carry the full line of Stihl products and provide Stihl MasterWrench Service.  To learn more and to visit our Stihl PowerChord site click below.

ZT 2000.jpg

Bobcat ZT 2000 52" 23hp Kaw. FR691v.


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